Transforming agriculture around the world to meet the National and Global challenges of today and tomorrow

VertaHerb NutraFresh Herbs and Fresh2You Vegetables are grown without sunlight, soil, or pesticides.

Best of all, they are extremely delicious and nutritious!

VertaHerb utilizes efficient and sustainable indoor hydroponic growing systems to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables effectively and in high ­volume year-round. VertaHerb employs innovative growing technologies that have a proven track record for producing consistent yields unaffected by weather trends, pests and pesticides. Growing vertically maximizes the land and resources that will become scarce as the population continues to increase, making every empty building a potential economic boost to any community.





High Demand,

High Volume


VertaHerb will then possess the capability to consistently yield 16 to 18 harvests per year depending on crop. This compares to two to four harvests of same crop achieved outdoors.

VertaHerbs indoor farms can boast a yield which is 10 times more per unit land area than a conventional farm, while consuming less water, energy and natural resources.


All of the foods and herbs are grown with heirloom seeds, without pesticides or harmful chemicals, and with more nutrients than found in most soil. The produce is thereby high in nutritional value and fresher than imported alternatives.

What truly makes VertaHerb unique is the ability to produce predictable volumes of fresh food and herbs year­ round; harvesting 12 months per year. Providing fresh food and herbs year ­round is an important service towards raising the level of health and well­being for consumers of all ages. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and Raw Ingredient Supply Companies in particular appreciate fresh local food and herbs during seasons when the options are expensive and/or few.

• Our crops get the perfect amount of moisture and nutrients filtered directly onto their roots in a completely controlled environment

• We drastically improve traditional supply avenues by building farms on major distribution routes and near population centers

• Traditional and unpredictable growing seasons that at best, yield 2 to 3 harvests per year become consistent, predictable, and reliable year-round growing, yielding 16 to 18 harvests per year

• We set a new standard for traceability by managing our herbs and vegetables from seed to package

Revenue from yields can also be projected with great accuracy since risks associated with weather and pests are minimized by growing in a controlled environment. This makes vertical growing a considerably better agriculture investment over traditional farming.

VertaHerb's technology uses 95% less water than conventional farming. Sustainable vertical farming eliminates agricultural runoff and associated soil erosion, thereby improving water quality by eliminating these primary sources of water pollution. VertaHerb can sustain operations 24/7 and simultaneously (at no additional cost) reduce the "carbon footprint" associated with traditional food/herb supply. This approach eliminates unforeseen severe weather events that negatively impact yields of high value vegetable/herb crops (such as floods, drought and early frost) resulting in more stable production and stellar risk management year round.


Fresh Vegetables and Fruit, Packed Within Hours of Harvest


will be known as a leader and subject matter expert in transforming agriculture/herb business using revolutionary hydroponic technology


VertaHerb Empower

Though VertaHerb Lift-Up, our goal is to provide orphanages and community centers in urban areas the ability to become self sustaining and thus, less dependent on donor dollars. Participates will learn teamwork and develop a sense of accomplishment. They will learn skills to take into adulthood. Most importantly, we will encourage and edify each team member, helping them to understand their true worth!




  • Partnerships, where there is benefit to everyone involved
  • Bringing Nature Inside
  • Education and Encouragement
  • Safe and Sustainable Operations
  • Accountability and Evaluation

Reach-Up will not only be a cost savings program, but more importantly, will prepare inmates as a re-entry program. Inmates will learn skills regarding all aspects of vertical farming. A work ethic will be instilled, with the goal to help them hold jobs upon their release. Teamwork, a sense of accomplishment, and the inmate realizing he/she can achieve, will become real to each participate. Our goal is to make the VertaHerb Reach-Up Vertical Farming experience a certification program. This will allow the participant, upon their release, the ability to show a potential employer their accomplishment while incarcerated. They used a bad situation to better their future. Food grown will provide inmates with year round fresh produce. A portion of this produce will also be donated to local food banks.


VertaHerb Lift-Up and Reach-Up have five essential components that allow it's model to be highly adaptable for any orphanage or correctional facility: